Friday, 26 October 2012


emmm ape nie?? ok.. aku ase something yg sgt xbes.. em.. tp aku yg nk sgt.. tp siyus, aku sgt buntu.. aku rasa nie yg terbaek tok semua... for the sake of both side.. maybe.... happy?? em, of cos not.. i already lose someone really mean to me.. Allah, please give me strengths.. really need it right now... hope i can get through with it... 

P/s : sori for every single thing i ever done.. i didn't mean it... never find someone like you, who really can close to me... you really something in my hearts.. but.. i need to do this.. i think.. i'm done with all i can do... for the rest.. i just leave it and just wait what God have written for me.. from now on, all will be in my history...Finally, never think i will decide like this as my final answer...  (26/10/2012, hari raya kurban, 1715)